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Those nice people at West Leicestershire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group have enabled us to deliver mindfulness courses around Leicestershire during 2016 and 2017.

Our next journey into mindfulness will be starting on 7.5.17. Is this the right time for you to join us? I recently facilitated a day of mindfulness and here is a recording of one of the practices. You can download and try out the practice if you like.

This 10 week mindfulness course is combined with additional support to form Mindful Mentoring which aims to help people improve their emotional wellbeing, mental health and social functioning. Each course will run every Sunday 1:00 to 4:00 pm over a period of 10 weeks.

It has been a pleasure to work with the people who have joined us for the three courses so far. The next course starts in Hinckley.

There will be a taster session on 30.4.17 so you can just pop in and find out more. The course is free, if you would like to refer someone you are working with (or want to refer yourself) then to book your place or get more information call or text:

Jit Singh
Project Manager
Mindful Mentoring

Phone: 07939 199 549
Email: info@go-getta.org.uk

A new publication from the Mindfulness Initiative – The mindful workplace

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Building the Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace

Building the Case cover

One year after the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group released its seminal Mindful Nation UK report, the Mindfulness Initiative has launched a new publication: ‘Building the Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace’.

“The document is primarily intended as a resource for those developing a business case for mindfulness training within their own organisation. It provides an updated summary of the research evidence, narrative rationales addressing different organisational needs, case studies and a range of toolkits to help with programme planning, implementation and evaluation”

In my conversations with colleagues in services from eduction, health, drug & alcohol services and social care (and beyond) it seems that stress is pretty much universal. People love the work they do but not so much the pressure from targets and paperwork. So this report is one part of the discussion about how we can cope better.

Of course there is also the discussion to be had about organising things in a more streamlined way, and trusting practitioners’ commitment and knowledge rather then the current ‘top-down’ way of doing things. We can come back to that discussion at another time.



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