Mindful Monkey.

A Choice


Rocks sea and fluffy clouds and cool sky

We might try to look away but we keep coming back to our tears and sorrow at how things are, so we sit with this for a while. As we look at the state of the world, we can be shocked by the cruelty, or inspired by the kindness we see. So, are human beings good or bad?

I think we have to choose. We are at a choice point in human history. Do we wise up and act in ‘skilful’ ways, or do we not.

Clearly, this is not an abstract question: it is a matter of survival. If we choose ‘unskilful’ ways, then we are all undone. If we wise up then there is a world to win.

I wish I knew how we as a species will choose compassion for each other and the planet we live on. How do we get a ‘critical mass’ for a shift towards a way of being and living that puts us in harmony with each other?

I just hope that there are enough of us, in different ways, trying to find another way. Perhaps a good place to look is the simple wisdom in everyone: that harming other living beings feels wrong, and compassion feels like the right thing to do.

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