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Essential Motivational Interviewing Skills

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Motivational Interviewing provides a set of pragmatic strategies to facilitate behaviour change, helping to overcome resistance in clients and guide them towards change. It is a client centred approach designed to explore and resolve ambivalence. Originally developed to help people change addictive behaviours, it can be applied to any area of behaviour change.

This 2 day ‘hands on’ course is aimed at workers in a range of settings. It can help those who wish to increase their potential for bringing about positive change in people they work with. It will provide participants with the key skills of Motivational Interviewing and enhance their confidence.

Course Content

  • The spirit and principles underlying Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • To introduce the keytechniques of MI
  • The concept of motivation and how it relates to behavioural change
  • Skills for assessing and matching interventions to readiness to change
  • How to engage people and deal with resistance
  • Developing self-efficacy
  • How to negotiate action steps

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Motivating People

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Here are a few ideas that came up during the Motivational Interviewing workshop we are in the middle of facilitating. Miller and Rollnick define:

MI is about arranging conversations so that people talk themselves into change, based on their own values and interests

Time and time again I find myself thinking:

People change as a result of how we listen to them, rather than what we tell them

We often find ourselves in a situation where our job is to stimulate change, we are supposed to ‘persuade’ people to change in a way that will benefit them. I have found a useful way of looking at this process:

Persuasion is not about getting a person to do what you want them to do, it is about getting them to want to change.
It is not about coercion, it is about desire, the desire for change is induced within the client

I will be running a 2 day Essential Motivational Interviewing Skills in Nottingham on the 16th & 17th of December 2014.

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