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The Breathing Space

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I am attaching a short recording that I recently made. It is a guided meditation that can be useful when trying to do something self nourishing in a busy life.

It is called the Breathing Space, designed to fit into small spaces during the day, it is only about 4 minutes long. You can put in on your computer, mp3 player etc. and use it when you have a spare few minutes.
After a while you get to know the (simple) steps and don’t need the recording to do take a short mindfulness break and can do it without the recording. You can also vary the time you do it for, it could be a minute or 10 depending on the situation. If you do use it then feel free to let me know how you get on with it.

Click on the ‘Downloads’ link above to go to the recording

The State of things

Cheeky Monkey recently found this message on a wall in an NHS establishment:

More and more gets done by fewer and fewer people until eventually someone will end up doing everything, except for Health Service management where less and less gets done by more and more people until eventually everybody will end up doing nothing

Does this seem about right even if you don’t work in the NHS? Yet things could be so much simpler if we just trust people to do the best they can to do the right thing for those we are working with. Do we need paperwork or ‘bean counters’ to do our job?

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