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The Smart Bubble

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1-20150905_173741You might have noticed that we have a tendency to bat away praise or complements we receive. On the other hand taking to heart anything that seems like a criticism, and while getting distracted by our feelings of hurt, actually missing the useful information that was contained in the feedback.

Surely this is the wrong way round? Of course criticism is difficult and we are trained to be defensive and try to protect ourselves. Perhaps there is a better way: The Smart Bubble is a visualisation is designed to help us more skilfully handle feedback. One might say it is a structured way of learning to manage feedback mindfully.

This visualisation is inspired by the (much more complicated and rather brilliant) ‘Strategy for Responding to Criticism’ by Steve and Connirea Andreas.

The recording below was made at a recent workshop with some young people. It starts with brief explanation that sets things up and follows with a guided imagery. The whole thing is just 13 minutes long.

Mindfulness for Health & Well-Being – The 10 Week Course

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Research into the benefits of mindfulness is growing exponentially. A recent report: “Mindful Nation UK” (Report by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG) October 2015) recommends mindfulness as a major contributor to health and wellbeing:

We have been impressed by the quality and range of evidence for the benefits of mindfulness and believe it has the potential to help many people to better health and flourishing. On a number of issues ranging from improving mental health and boosting productivity and creativity in the economy through to helping people with long-term conditions such as diabetes and obesity, mindfulness appears to have an impact.

Although there are many excellent books, articles and resources on mindfulness, there is no substitute for participating in a course where you get the chance to practice and learn mindfulness.

We are running our next 10 Week Mindfulness Course in Leicester starting on 20th March 2016. It runs for 6 fortnightly Sunday afternoons, over 10 weeks. What better way to spend the afternoon? A ‘mind spa’ to help you recharge those batteries, and much more than that: learn how to utilise mindfulness to enrich your life.

The venue, Phoenix Arts Centre is located in Leicester’s cultural quarter with convenient parking.

Here are some of the comments from participants on our last 10 Week Course:

How often does a course change your life? This one will.

This has been a great insight into mindfulness practice which I’ll take forward into my life

The course was delivered with compassion… and enthusiasm. The facilitation was of a superb standard. A huge thanks… for making the course both informative and enjoyable

This course has been a great journey to open the doors of mindfulness.

Mindfulness helps me in every aspect of my life, from child care to work…

What a fantastic course, I felt calmer and lighter afterwards, and more balanced. Thank you… for a truly uplifting experience with a peaceful connecting energy within the group

In case you are new to mindfulness here are some things to consider:

Mindfulness although often experienced as calming, steadying and relaxing isn’t primarily about relaxation. Among other things it is about attentional training, strengthening emotional and meta-cognitive skills, that enable us to act in more choiceful, wiser ways.

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