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Hallucinogenic Mushrooms may help with depression, say leading scientists

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An article in the Guardian (23.1.12) reported some studies using Hallucinogenic Mushrooms it said:

A drug derived from magic mushrooms could help people with depression by enabling them to relive positive and happy moments of their lives, according to scientists including the former government drug adviser, Professor David Nutt.

Two studies, for which scientists struggled to find funding because of public suspicion and political sensitivity around psychedelic drugs, have shed light on how magic mushrooms affect the brain.

Nutt, from Imperial College London, was sacked as a government drug adviser after claiming tobacco and alcohol were more dangerous than cannabis and psychedelic drugs such as ecstasy and LSD.

He believes prejudice and fear have prevented important scientific work on psychedelic drugs. Research began in the 1950s and 60s but was stopped by the criminalisation of drugs and stringent regulations which made the work costly.

“Everybody who has taken psychedelics makes the point that these can produce the most profound changes in the state of awareness and being that any of them have experienced,” said Nutt.

Magic mushrooms may help with depression, say leading scientists | Society | The Guardian.

If you are interested in these ideas then you might like to take a look at the work of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies – http://maps.org/.

The rise of Ecstasy in Brazil

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An article in the guardian on 18.12.11 reports on the rise of Ecstasy use in Brazil; it says:

“The annual incineration of police hauls of marijuana and cocaine is nothing new to South America, home to some of the biggest coca fields and marijuana plantations on Earth… Brazil remains one of the largest cocaine consumers in the world and a major transit point for the drug. But a recent report by the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime suggested consumption of synthetic drugs, stable or falling in much of Europe, is on the rise in Brazil and other South American countries… In 2001 Brazil’s federal police reported seizing 1,909 ecstasy pills at the country’s borders and airports. Ten years on, that figure has mutiplied by 100.

After a July operation that dismantled an ecstasy trafficking ring which had been importing 30,000 pills each month from Holland, drug squad chief João Luiz Caetano de Araújo said: “Synthetic drugs are slowly replacing cocaine consumption.”

Next year the changing habits of Brazilian drug users will make their big screen debut, with the release of Artificial Paradises, a feature film focusing on “Brazil’s ecstasy generation”

Looks like they are starting to go through what happened in the UK from the late 80s with the ‘Rave Generation’. At the moment they seem to be importing from Europe. I wonder what will happen when the supply lines shift to China. There are reports that MDMA production is starting up in china using the infrastructure and supply lines established with Mephedrone and the other ‘Legal Highs’.

via Brazil ecstasy haul points to new generation of drug mules | World news | guardian.co.uk.

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