Mindful Monkey.

Getting things done in difficult times

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When the pressure is on we can be forgiven for rushing around in our desire to get things done. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be effective, the intention is good. However, the problem is our mind can end up seeing this as a fight or flight emergency. Again, the intention is positive and good, to protect and keep us safe. If there is a tiger chasing us we do need the fight or flight. Our minds can just as easily perceive a psychological threat such as dealing with difficult phone calls, traffic and work deadlines as a fight or flight emergency. But is that so? In these situations the triggering of fight or flight can shut down higher functions of the brain, just when we really need them most. In this state we end up reducing our ability to problem solve, consider options and to bring out our best, most creative efforts. It is not that there is anything wrong here. Fight or flight is important when we need to rush, to protect ourselves. In tough times, however, we need our creative ingenuity, our ability to weigh up options and to make good decisions. So what if we were to consider how many of the situations we face in the modern world are flight or fight emergencies or situations that require a more subtle and complex response (rather than an automatic reaction)?


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