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Natural Sleep


Promoting Natural Sleep

Many would agree that the first two things that go when we are not at our best are our sense of humour and sleep! Sleep is a natural process, related to many biological rhythms (“Circadian” Rhythms).  Yet, many different issues can become a trigger for a disruption of such an important part of our lives.  Sleeping tablets are only useful as a short term measure to overcome a crisis perhaps. After that they become part of the problem. Over the counter medication too will soon become ineffective as our body becomes used to the substances. Alcohol and sleeping medication will also cause problems with the various stages of a natural sleep cycle.

Learning practical strategies for good sleep hygiene as well as psychological interventions can help people to overcome Insomnia. Once a person can learn to deal with the worry of not sleeping they are on the way to achieving something very important, that is to break a vicious circle of worry, tiredness and less sleep. Sometimes sleep problems have a physical cause (pain, obesity and breathing problems).  Deciding to talk to someone is the start towards solutions; because there are times we feel stuck and need someone else to help us make changes.


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