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“Google’s head of mindfulness training, says that it opens the doorway to loving kindness, which is at the heart of business success” – Well, we do hope it will one day…

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“Chade-Meng Tan’s job description would never get past most companies’ human resources departments. As the head of mindfulness training at Google, his role is to enlighten minds, open hearts and create world peace.”

Here is the full article: Google’s ‘Head of Mindfulness’ Speaks Out | NewsFactor Business.

“But he hopes that one day, his role will become commonplace. A growing awareness of the importance of our emotional fitness, he says, is mirroring the same journey of acceptance that physical exercise took in the last century. And he believes that scientific evidence of the benefits of the Buddhist practice of mindfulness will be instrumental into catapulting it into the very heart of the business world.”

Contrast this with the heart breaking story of the horrors of slave labour in the the prawn industry as reported recently in the Guardian . And here are some ideas on what we can do about that.

Is it too much to hope that we can work together so that one day human beings can live in a world where kindness and fellowship are the norm?

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