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A one day workshop on Mindfulness

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On Wednesday the 2nd of April I will be facilitating a workshop at Leicester University on Mindfulness. This workshop is part of the Foundation Degree that I teach on and a few places are open to the public.

The day is about the application of this approach with groups and in individual counselling work. The course has a strong experiential element, interspersed with some discussion on applications.

The accepted idea in mindfulness work these days is that in order to use it with clients, we need to have established a period of personal practice. So one of the aims of this day will be to set things up so that participants can begin this journey. You will be provided with a CD of guided mindfulness recordings and a handout with background information and further reading to get you started. If you have already been practicing then the day is a chance to take things further.

If you do attend then wear comfortable clothes and bring something to lie down on. The majority of the time will be spent on practicing guided meditation.

This Flyer tells you how to book a place.

If you can’t make the 2nd of April then note that I will be delivering this again on the 8th of July in Nottingham which will have the same purpose. Click Here for further information.

Look forward to seeing you.

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