Mindful Monkey.

Understanding and Working With Anxiety & Depression

HLG Nottingham 21 Clarendon Street, Nottingham

For those who are interested in finding out more I am providing a 1 day course in Nottingham on understanding these common and yet misunderstood psychological problems. The training will look at the issues surrounding identification and classification, treatment options and some practical skills for helping people with these conditions. To find out more about […]

Alcohol Awareness

HLG Nottingham 21 Clarendon Street, Nottingham

If you have read our blogs you will notice that we do a lot of work around substance misuse. This 1 day course is designed to look at the complex issues around what constitutes harm and patterns of alcohol misuse. We will also consider some practical strategies in terms of working with people who may or may not see their alcohol use […]

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

HLG Nottingham HLG, 21 Clarendon Street, Nottingham

I am delivering a 1 day course in Nottingham for anyone interested in learning more about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT is an increasingly important psychological approach for helping people with a range of problems, including anxiety, depression, substance misuse and relapse prevention. Working from first principles this 1 day, experiential, course will look at the […]

Mindfulness based approaches for change

HLG 21 Clarendon Street, Nottingham

I am conducting a training at HLG on the subject of mindfulness based approaches to change. From the outline: The popularity of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has seen a renewed interest in Mindfulness Based Approaches. There is growing evidence for the effectiveness of mindfulness for a range of psychological and physical issues. Research has shown efficacy […]

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